Your goal is to:

  • Feel good about yourself and in your body

  • Improve your stamina

  • Relieve your back pain

  • Get your body into shape and improve your strength

  • Improve your posture and increase your mobility and flexibility

  • Reduce stress and release tension

  • Lose and hold your weight

Personal Training with Rebecca offers:

  • Individual coaching

  • A personal training plan: sessions that are tailored to your own individual goals

  • Clear and precise instructions for a perfect technique

  • Motivation and support as well as time to ask questions

  • Varied trainings that combine various elements of Pilates, Functional Training, Stretching, Posture Training and Yoga

  • Training sessions whenever and whereever it suits you best with flexible appointments according to your wishes (at your home or outdoors)

  • A clear saving in time: we train when and where it is convenient to you

  • Training and nutrition tips

I stand for and live by my concept "Fit-Strong-Positive and Confident"

My program stands for "holistic health" and is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and strives for a healthier lifestyle, mor self-confidence and better stress management.

The pedagogical aspect is essential to me: I really want to motivate and support you to train efficiently. My goal is to fetch each participant where he or she stands and to support the strengths while strengthening the weaknesses.
Your health is the most important thing in life! A healthy lifestyle that integrates regular physical activity sould be fun and enjoyable rather than a "commitment".
"There is no perfect moment to start! Take your first step right now to become a fitter and stronger version of yourself!"
I'm looking forward to meet you!